12 angry men legal issues

So if the review seems very objective, it was meant to be that way. It happens to be Mr. Not content to frame his movie a mere legal drama, the director approaches it from the perspective of a social scientist. And it turns out to be a thoroughly intricate sociological experiment that provides a broad view of the interplay of the political, behavioural and economical underpinnings of the characters involved.

12 angry men legal issues

Certainty and Doubt Themes and Colors LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in Twelve Angry Men, which you can use to track the themes throughout the work. As a play portraying the deliberations of a jury in a murder trial, Twelve Angry Men is naturally concerned with the idea of justice.

Yet the play does not represent either the American criminal justice system or the abstract concept of justice as simple or clear.

12 angry men legal issues

A simple representation of the criminal justice system might be named Twelve Serious Men, and portray those men as diligently, rationally, and single-mindedly going through the evidence until they uncover the facts that reveal what actually happened between the son and his father on the night of the murder.

Twelve Angry Men is not that play.

12 angry men legal issues

The men are anything but dispassionate when the deliberation process reveals their irrationalities and biases and makes them confront them. To start with, each juror has a different take on his civic duty: Had he not felt such sympathy, he might not have held out, which shows that people can be prejudiced in their insistence on lack of prejudice too.

Some jurors just want to avoid this whole annoying process. As one juror puts it before the first vote: After Juror Eight forces the jury to look through the evidence, even jurors who wanted to finish the case right away soon get caught up in the process.

Thus, the play portrays absolute justice as something that is beyond the reach of any jury. This definition of justice allows for, and makes compromises because of, the types of fallibility and irrationality that were evident in both the jurors and the witnesses in the trial.

Since many jurors were, in the end, trying their hardest to figure out what happened, the play also confronts us with the possibility that there is no room for an absolute idea of objective truth in any concept of justice where humans are involved.

How often theme appears:Feb 12,  · Group Communication in 12 Angry Men Krystle Smith Regent University. 12 ANGRY MEN 2 issues involved in group communication such as: the role of leadership within this group and whether it was effective or not, how personal attitudes towards the backgrounds and cultures of.

In a jury, prejudice should never influence votes, but the characters in 12 Angry Men do just that initially. After much discussion and arguments, however, they do vote solely based on evidence.

Laurie Levenson remembers the first time she saw “Twelve Angry Men.” “It was during my ‘Perry Mason’ stage of life,” said the well-known legal expert, a law professor at Loyola. 12 Angry Men: Kasey Kennedy CRJ Home; Ethical Dilemmas; Analysis; 1. Identify the facts: 18 year old boy on trial for murdering his father.

Eighth juror says not guilty, eleven other jurors say guilty. Very little evidence against the boy. Get an answer for 'What are the significant legal issues/concepts in the Twelve Angry Men film?' and find homework help for other Twelve Angry Men questions at eNotes.

In the movie, “12 Angry Men”, 12 ordinary citizens were called to serve as jury in a case to decide the verdict of a murder trial. I’m choosing these three jurors on my legal team based on their character and contribution during the jury trial as portrayed in the movie.

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