Administrative responsibility and ethics

Public Interest and Administrative Responsibility Public Interest and Administrative Responsibility Introduction This essay discusses and explains the term public's interest, and the administrative responsibility with the essence of some ethical obligations facing up to the public interest, and administration in their day to day decision making. This essay will also exhibit some of the recent trends in privatizing the government functions and the dilemmas that will attain the shared interests. Discussion Administrative responsibility Defining the term administrative responsibility, the term serves with respect to the purposes in the field of public administration, and it depends on both a person using the term personally or in terms of the context of shared interests.

Administrative responsibility and ethics

Ethics and the Administrative Professional. What Would You Do? Ethical considerations on the job can be quite sticky. You were hired by the company, but you work for your boss es. You must also be true to your own values. Your company may also focus on shareholders; the stock price has to go up.

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In some industries it is also important to consider the public welfare. Your industry—Many industries have specific codes of ethics. Your company—Most companies have detailed employee handbooks that outline both acceptable and unacceptable behavior. They should also include guidance on what steps to take in difficult situations i.

Case 2—Lunch Reservations Ever since you took the job last year, your boss has asked you to schedule a weekly lunch date with his mistress. Last month you met his wife at a business luncheon.

Business Ethics and Social Responsibility

What will you do? Case 3—Dinner a la Corporate Card A very attractive manager from another department asks you out to dinner. Dessert and after-dinner coffee are added to the bill. Case 4—The Confidential Report It is afternoon and you have just received a very bulky interoffice mail package.

As you begin to put it back in the mail bag, half the contents of the folder slip out and fall all over your desk. You discover your company is involved in the scandal of the century. Case 5—Party Marty Marty is another administrative assistant who works in your office.

Over the last two years the two of you have become great friends. You have never said anything before, but now she has gone too far.

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Discuss public interest, administrative responsibility and some of the recent ethical obligations confronting public administrators in their day to day decision making.

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The Ethics of Aristotle Responsiveness Fairness Flexibility Honesty Accountability Competence Became a Tampa City Councilman in Served only 1 term; 4 years Served on Public Transportation Commission and Environmental Protection Commission Family History in . Subjective responsibility is a reflection of personal beliefs about abstract things, such as identification, conscience, and loyalty, which refer to the norms of administrative ethics.

To my mind, norms of ethics are an essential part of administrative responsibility. The development of a Code of Ethics demonstrates that the administrative support profession accepts the obligation to engage in self-discipline and accepts the responsibility and trust earned by administrative professionals throughout past generations.

Administrative Ethics: Ideas, Sources, and Development chapter 11 2 One cannot commandeer responsibility. One can only cultivate it, safeguard its roots, stimulate its growth, and provide it with Public administration ethics is rooted in duty in the sense that persons who.

Social responsibility and business ethics are often regarding as the same concepts.

Administrative responsibility and ethics

However, the social responsibility movement is but one aspect of the overall discipline of business ethics. The social responsibility movement arose particularly during the s with increased public consciousness about the role of business in helping to.

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