Biography on a classmate

He is one of ten children, born to his parents, Tomas and Celina Vargas on March 7,

Biography on a classmate

His mature compositions, distinctive and appealing, combined modernism and sensuality so successfully that their sheer beauty often obscures their technical innovation. Debussy is considered the founder and leading exponent of musical Impressionism although he resisted the labeland his adoption of non-traditional scales and tonal structures was paradigmatic for many composers who followed.

The son of a shopkeeper and a seamstress, Debussy began piano studies at the Paris Conservatory at the age of While a student there, he encountered the wealthy Nadezhda von Meck most famous as Tchaikovsky 's patronesswho employed him as a music teacher to her children; through travel, concerts and acquaintances, she provided him with a wealth of musical experience.

Most importantly, Biography on a classmate exposed the young Debussy to the works of Russian composers, such as Borodin and Mussorgskywho would remain important influences on his music. Debussy began composition studies inand in he won the prestigious Prix de Rome with his cantata L'enfant prodigue.

This prize financed two years of further study in Rome -- years that proved to be creatively frustrating. However, the period immediately following was fertile for the young composer; trips to Bayreuth and the Paris World Exhibition established, respectively, his determination to move away from the influence of Richard Wagner, and his interest in the music of Eastern cultures.

The impact of those two works earned Debussy widespread recognition as well as frequent attacks from critics, who failed to appreciate his forward-looking styleand over the first decade of the twentieth century he established himself as the leading figure in French music -- so much so that the term "Debussysme" "Debussyism"used both positively and pejoratively, became fashionable in Paris.

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Debussy spent his remaining healthy years immersed in French musical society, writing as a critic, composing, and performing his own works internationally.

He succumbed to colon cancer inhaving also suffered a deep depression brought on by the onset of World War I.

Biography on a classmate

Debussy's personal life was punctuated by unfortunate incidents, most famously the attempted suicide of his first wife, Lilly Texier, whom he abandoned for the singer Emma Bardac.

However, his subsequent marriage to Bardac, and their daughter Claude-Emma, whom they called "Chouchou" and who became the dedicatee of the composer's Children's Corner piano suite, provided the middle-aged Debussy with great personal joys.

Debussy wrote successfully in most every genre, adapting his distinctive compositional language to the demands of each. It is this attention to tone color -- his layering of sound upon sound so that they blend to form a greater, evocative whole -- that linked Debussy in the public mind to the Impressionist painters.Clicking on an individual name will jump you to information on that particular classmate - or just scroll down the page and view each classmate alphabetically.

For ease of searching we used the classmate's name at the time of graduation. With these fun classmate interview megaphone templates students interview their new elementary school classmates for a fun Back To School Activity and write in .

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Biography Midtown School Student Classmate Ned Leeds - Classmate Liz Toomes - Former Classmate Sally Avril - Classmate. Claude Debussy Biography by Allen Schrott Debussy was an influential composer of the late 19/ early 20th centuries, creating works of sheer beauty that obscured their technical innovation.

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