Biosocial theory jeffrey dahmer english literature essay

A Psychological Analysis of Jeffrey Dahmer A 6 page investigation into the reasons behind the actions of one of the most disturbed serial killers of all time. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Criminological Explanations for Unique Murderers This 8 page paper delves into the pasts of John Wayne Gacy, Al Capone, Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer and tries to explain their unusual behaviors with psychological and sociological theory. Some explanations include psychopathy and differential association.

Biosocial theory jeffrey dahmer english literature essay

Dahmer was eventually convicted of 15 of those murders and received a life sentence for each in February of after he was classified as legally sane enough to participate in a trial.

When he submitted to psychological evaluations, it was determined Dahmer, who was born insuffered from a borderline personality disorder. This mental state was the culprit for his preservation of the body parts of his victims, digesting their organs and participating in necrophilia.

The case gained worldwide attention due to the sheer monstrosity of the crimes and the lurid details accompanying them. Dahmer, however, only served two years of his sentence, as he suffered his own demise at the fists of fellow inmate Christopher Scarver in Criminal Profile Experts claim behavior of this nature commences with specific activities throughout childhood that present themselves and develop throughout time.

By the time he was eight, his parents noticed he experienced difficulty developing social relationships and participating in group events.

In other words, he was aloof, withdrawn and did not participate openly in conversation. By age 13 he developed a problem with alcohol that eventually led to a schism with his father and being kicked out of the Army for alcoholism.

Although Dahmer did not kill animals while growing up, he was fascinated with them and would strip the skin from roadkill as well as other various dead animals he discovered. He was also known amongst his high school classmates as a strange individual that occasionally enlisted in prankish behavior to attract attention.

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Only three weeks after graduating from high school, Dahmer committed his first murder. When Hicks decided he wanted to leave, Dahmer struck him in the back of the head with a 10 pound dumbbell, masturbated over the body, then proceeded to cut the remains in pieces. He burned the flesh with acid and smashed the bones with a sledgehammer before burying the pieces under his home.

In later testimony Dahmer admitted he had sexual fantasies about domination and when he was 16 had entertained the notion of killing, but did not follow through with it.

Prior to the murder, he possessed no criminal history.

Biosocial theory jeffrey dahmer english literature essay

Profiling Many experts feel Dahmer does not the general profile of a serial killer. He really experienced no true problems with his home life, as his parents were loving and supportive until their divorce when he graduated from high school.

He appeared to not endure any true obstacles to his health or well-being other than circumstances he brought on himself through his own anti-social behavior. His fascination with animals was certainly odd, but he claims it stemmed from his father removing a den of rodents beneath the house when he was Many serial murders engage in destroying animals and graduating to humans.

They also experience a traumatic event or events in their childhood that guide their development. Dahmer certainly does not fit that profile.Sex OffendersThis page intentionally left blank SEX OFFENDERS Identification, Risk Assessment, Treatment, and Legal Issues.

Jeffrey Dahmer and the Contemporary Social Control Theory Introduction After a long and difficult pregnancy, Jeffrey Dahmer was born on May 21, to Lionel and Joyce Dahmer and the small family started their lives in an upper-middle class community located in .

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Andrew Solomon is a writer and lecturer on psychology, politics, and the arts; winner of the National Book Award; and an activist in LGBT rights, mental health, and the arts. Nov 05,  · An example of this can be seen when analyzing the life and crimes of Aileen Wuornos, America’s first female serial killer.

Biosocial theory jeffrey dahmer english literature essay

Through the Self Control theory, Social Conflict theory, and the Biological/Biosocial theory, one can better understand how these .

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