Ceramic industry in bangladesh business report 2010 world

Contents This report is a comprehensive research of ceramic industry in Bangladesh. The first two chapters of the report feature the country profile by giving general information on Bangladesh and by thoroughly studying its economic state, including key macroeconomic indicators and their development trends.

Ceramic industry in bangladesh business report 2010 world

Ancient Bengal[ edit ] East Bengal —the eastern segment of Bengal —was a historically prosperous region. Under Mughal ruleBengal operated as a center of the worldwide muslinsilk and pearl trades.

In terms of shipbuilding tonnage during the 16th—18th centuries, the annual output of Bengal totaled around 2, tons, larger than the combined output of the Dutch ,—, tonsthe Britishtonsand North America 23, tons.

Ship-repairing, for example, was very advanced in Bengal, where European shippers visited to repair vessels. The British East India Company later duplicated the flushed-deck and hull designs of Bengal rice ships in the s, leading to significant improvements in seaworthiness and navigation for European ships during the Industrial Revolution.

Bengal PresidencyGreat Bengal famine ofand Bengal famine of The British East India Company, that took complete control of Bengal in by abolishing Nizamat local rulechose to develop Calcuttanow the capital city of West Bengalas their commercial and administrative center for the Company-held territories in South Asia.

Some of the same factors that had made East Bengal a prosperous region became disadvantages during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The united government of Pakistan expanded the cultivated area and some irrigation facilities, but the rural population generally became poorer between and because improvements did not keep pace with rural population increase.

Official amount of disbursement yet undisclosed. Bangladesh historically has run a large trade deficit, financed largely through aid receipts and remittances from workers overseas.

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The United Nations Development Assistance Framework is aligned with the Millennium Development Goals, with the Outline Perspective Plan of Bangladesh () and with the Sixth Five Year Plan.

RAK Ceramics (Bangladesh) Limited is the country’s largest and most respected tiles and sanitary ware brand. The Company was incorporated in Bangladesh on 26 November, as a private limited company under the Companies Act, as a UAE-Bangladesh joint venture project. Ceramic industry of Bangladesh is a booming sector and the growth potential of both domestic and local market indicates it may become one of the big foreign exchange earners for the country.

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Bangladesh is a developing country, and the present government is striving relentlessly to attain rapid economic development in the country. Many programs taken so far have been carried out successfully.

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ceramic industry in bangladesh business report 2010 world
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