Coca cola drinks in a time of economic difficulty business essay

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Coca cola drinks in a time of economic difficulty business essay

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Thinking Outside the Bottle in India Opinion: Thinking Outside the Bottle in India By: Muhtar Kent Dec 16, Share: I moved to India with my family as a young boy. We lived in New Delhi for two magical years. What I do remember are the vibrant colors of clothing and flowers and shops that lined the streets, and the natural beauty of the Indian countryside, from the mountains to the north to the plains of the Ganges basin to the south.

I remember the mysterious music, the aromas of spicy curries and chutneys that friends of my parents would prepare for us. And of course I remember the people: Everywhere, crowds of people. From the moment I arrived, India captured my imagination.

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Today, as a businessman, I see global companies drawn to India in much the same way I was as a boy. They are dazzled by the promise of adventure and extraordinary opportunity. They are intoxicated, even overwhelmed. But as I learned, even as a young boy, in India, appearances can be deceiving. For outsiders, there is always a hint of mystery.

Even if you live and work there, you can never be entirely sure you understand. It is best to assume that you do not.

If you come to India with some grand, predetermined strategy or master plan, prepare to be distracted, deterred, and even demoralized. Coca-Cola launched operations in India in shortly after independence. Our business grew steadily. But inwe exited along with other multinational companies after a new law diluted ownership of our assets and operations.

We returned to rebuild our business in as economic reforms unleashed a period of robust growth. We struggled at first to find and keep talented employees. We learned that although Indian consumers were eager to embrace global brands, they resented any hint of global corporate dominance.

It took us time to understand that small stores, many operated by families out of the front of their homes, were an unappreciated source of economic opportunity. Today our India business is thriving. I am happy to report that India now ranks among our top 10 markets in unit-case sales.

Our growth in recent years has been particularly dynamic. By the end of that period, we think India could be one of our top five global markets. The key to this success has been learning to see the Indian market as it is, not as we wished it to be. Our first challenge was building the right team. For many years after our return to India, turnover among Coca-Cola workers was too high; as recently as a decade ago, our Indian attrition rates were 34 percent.

That was a key weakness, not least because it prevented us from building relations with suppliers and consumers.

So we focused on training and talent recruitment.

Coca cola drinks in a time of economic difficulty business essay

These changes helped lower attrition by two-thirds. At the same time, we worked hard to source more products from within India and deepen our ties to the Indian market.To the question "Why do the terrorists hate us?" Americans could be pardoned for answering, "Why should we care?" The immediate reaction to the murder of 5, innocents is anger, not analysis.

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Find out more about our scholarship and eligibility requirements, fill out our form and send us your essay. The Coca-Cola Company Struggles Coca-Cola has generally excelled as a business over its long history.

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However, in recent decades the company has had difficulty meeting its financial objectives and has been associated with a number of ethical crises. As a than Coca-Cola for the first time. Pepsi’s strategy of focusing on snack foods.

This proposition from Coca-Cola was granted, but at the same time they had to agree to sell 49 percent of equity to Indian investors. Pepsi Co. on the other hand, was not held to the same terms as Coca-Cola because they entered the Indian Market in a different time period and with a different agreement.

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