Cool welding projects

Angle grinder or file Paint Very similar to a shop stool, a work bench also has a top and 4 legs. Use a steel top so that you can easily use it for all your future projects.

Cool welding projects

Shop Projects Plans

Building our house in the Philippines. Buying steel and steel fabrication. Fabricating steel trusses, rafters, windows, security doors. Another load of steel arrives The angle iron in this load will be used to make roof trusses. It does seem very difficult to save money on basic materials such as cement and steel.

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While there are hundreds of construction supply firms, post-negotiation prices vary only by a few pesos. There are some pitfalls. One-fourth inch equals 6. The caliper is also useful for detecting undersized rebar.

It turns out that steel Cool welding projects sold by kilograms per meter. So when shopping for steel in the Philippines, you have to be on your toes. Some, perhaps even most suppliers will automatically ship you substandard steel unless you are educated and persistent.

Cool welding projects

Make it clear that you will return any substandard material. Once sellers know that, they will be more careful. You must be there when the steel arrives at the building site to inspect the material before it is unloaded.

Good sellers will ask you to go to their yards and inspect the material before the purchase is made. Under pakyaw, the contractors supply their own welding equipment and do all the work, possibly including materials, for a fixed price.

Filipino workers know that daily wages are low. They hope to get better pay by working on a pakyaw agreement instead of a low daily wage. However there are many good welders who do not have their own equipment or capital and therefore must work for a daily wage.

We decided to buy our own equipment and to hire welders on a daily wage basis. That saves money and, just as importantly, you have the workers and equipment on-site for the many other welding projects during the job and afterwards.

Our welders were paid P per day. There was lots of work for them to do. Later the welders made all of the windows, security doors and a myriad of other smaller projects. If we had accepted a pakyaw arrangement for the trusses, we would have been involved in endless negotiations when we moved on the fabricating windows and other welding projects.

Yamato also has a cheaper model P7, which has aluminum coils.

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Our brief research seemed to say that aluminum coils are markedly inferior to copper so we sprang for the model with copper coils. It seems to work well. The welder was directly connected to the mains with 6 AWG aluminum cable protected by a 60 amp breaker.

For some light followup welding work we connected to mains using 12 AWG wire!

Aluminum Welding

We are used N welding rods for the trusses. We bought the welder at Far Eastern Hardware in Iloilo. Huge numbers of these Yamoto welders are sold. Ours served us without problems. Each half is 8. The total span is This cutting and fitting of these heavy rafters high overhead did not make sense to me.

We did a layout on the ground to be sure our calculations were correct, welded up a rafter to use as a template and made five identical pairs.Electric resistance welding (ERW) refers to a group of welding processes such as spot and seam welding that produce coalescence of faying surfaces where heat to form the weld is generated by the electrical resistance of material combined with the time and the force used to hold the materials together during welding.

Some factors influencing heat or welding temperatures are the proportions of. The angle iron in this load will be used to make roof trusses. Shopping for steel.. It does seem very difficult to save money on basic materials such as cement and steel.

Basics The costs involved in setting up a well-equipped home welding shop are comparable to setting up a well-equipped woodworking shop. A knowledgeable welder with the proper equipment has a great advantage, because the projects and repairs he or she can accomplish are too numerous to count.

Constant Voltage and Constant Current welders are used for MIG welding and are a semi-automated process when used in conjunction with a wire feeder.

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