Discuss the role of the supervisor

Supervisor Guidance Performance Management is an ongoing process of communication between a supervisor and an employee that occurs throughout the year, in support of accomplishing the strategic objectives of the organization. Employees are most likely to be successful performers when they clearly understand their assignments, know what level of performance is considered acceptable, and receive consistent feedback. These behavioral statements are intended to be used as a general guide.

Discuss the role of the supervisor

However, in many organizations, the supervisor is responsible not only for supervisoral responsibilities, but also for product-line responsibilities, that is, to get a product or service out the door.

Products and services generate revenue. Consequently, the role of supervision sometimes takes a "background" role to the product-line role. Support of Human Resources Department Note that if the organization is large enough, the supervisor is fortunate to have a staff department, e.

The supervisor still carries out the supervisory responsibilities, but HR is a tremendous help. For example, HR guides and supports activities in staffing, development and management of personnel policies and records, training and development, performance appraisals and performance problems, career counseling, organization development, etc.

Discuss the role of the supervisor

HR provides this help and ensures that all activities conform to current rules and regulations. Concurrently, the supervisor must follow policies and procedures for carrying out supervisory responsibilities, e.

See Personnel Policies, Handbooks and Records. Staffing Supervisors regularly review the needs of their employees.

Available Course(s) Control or evaluate performance of subordinates and the department - performance appraisals. Many employers have supervisor handbooks that need to be followed.

In this case, the supervisor opens a new role by getting authorization from upper management. This often requires communication and justification for funds to fill the new position. The supervisor reviews advertisements for job candidates, reviews resumes and conducts interviews.

The supervisor recommends who should be hired from among job candidates and ensures a job offer is made to the most suitable candidate. Finally, the supervisor must ensure the new employee has adequate facilities, e.

Employee Training and Development Supervisors ensure new employees are oriented to the organization, its policies, facilities, etc.

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They develop training plans with employees to ensure employees have the necessary expertise to carry out their jobs. They provide ongoing guidance to employees, often in the forms of ongoing coaching and counseling.

Supervisors often provide career counseling, as well, to help employees develop and advance in their careers. See Training Basics for Supervisors and Learners. Employee Performance Management Supervisors ensure that job descriptions accurately record the primary responsibilities, qualifications and terms for each job role in their group.

They set performance standards for tasks, jobs and roles of their employees. They ensure employees have appropriate and realistic job goals. They conduct performance appraisals on a regular basis, including assessing how the employee has performed and what they can do to improve in their jobs.

In addition, supervisors provide rewards for employee accomplishments. See Employee Performance Management. For the Category of Supervision: To round out your knowledge of this Library topic, you may want to review some related topics, available from the link below. Each of the related topics includes free, online resources.

Also, scan the Recommended Books listed below.Explore the Faculty of Health's research to identify an area of research and a potential supervisor. They prefer you to identify a potential supervisor before you apply for your research degree.

If you're having trouble finding a suitable supervisor, email [email protected] to request an expression of interest form. The expression of interest will help the faculty find you a suitable. SUPERVISOR’S REPORT SAMPLE V 3 Nature of Evidence What is the nature of the evidence you have of the Supervisee’s practice Live assessment / case reports / letters / role-play /.

The immediate supervisor should advise the employee of his concern over the absences, try to establish the reasons for the sickness and determine what needs to be done to improve attendance. All psychologists approved by the Board to provide supervision to psychologists and provisional psychologists appear in the searchable list of supervisors below.

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Clinical Supervision of Outpatient Mental Health Services. Revised: Definition. Clinical supervision is the documented time a clinical supervisor and supervisee spend together to discuss the supervisee's work, to review individual recipient cases, and .

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