Friends of a feather stick together

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Friends of a feather stick together

Reading the Deverry Cycle: When I published the first essay in March of I was hopeful that I would be able to get this second essay up sometime the next year. I feel far more optimistic that my Act Three essay on the three books of The Dragon Mage Saga will be done in a much more timely manner, but such things are relative.

When I wrote about the first four Deverry novels, I mentioned that even knowing there was so much left to explore and eleven novels still to come that The Dragon Revenant felt like it was a true ending, that it completed the story.

Knowing that in A Time of Exile it was Rhodry who would enter in that titular exile seemed to me to be a waste of the first four Deverry novels. He would gain his throne and lose Jill to the dweomer only to just as quickly abdicate and go off on the run with her again?

Reading a description is a dangerous thing because that is nothing like what actually happened. So, after ruling for thirty years and fathering four sons We learn throughout these novels that the Elves had built wonderous cities and the conquering Horde of their legends were the ancestors of those now known as The Horsekin I Friends of a feather stick together I have this right.

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Readers less familiar with the work and timeline of Katharine Kerr will find echoes of the Horsekin with George R. I do wonder what Martin may have been reading at the time, as there are similarities and echoes both to the novels of Katharine Kerr but also of Katherine Kurtz the Deryni novels.

This is, of course, beside the point. One of the most important characters introduced is that of Evandar. Evandar is a Guardian, which mostly means that he presents as a demi-god who can pop up at will, make cryptic utterances, and make a mess of the plans of the various viewpoint characters.

It is also revealed during this quartet that Evandar and the Guardians are actually the souls of unborn Elves, souls which have refused to be born into the real world.

First, Evandar a surprisingly uninteresting character for all his growing importance to the story has been apparently been plotting and scheming and subtly making shifts amongst the living mortals and Elves to further his own aims. In this case, to restore the long lost Elven cities the ones destroyed by The Horde.

It was definitely a moment of the realization of the larger game Kerr is playing here with the novels, regardless of whether we will see that come to fruition in the subsequent seven books.


I almost noted there were three ways the Guardian storylines matter, but two of them really combine to this one larger aspect. One of my favorite aspects of the first four Deverry novels was how tightly constructed the wyrds fates of the souls of Rhodry and Jill and Nevyn and Cullyn were tied up.

As I noted, that felt like a complete story and it was clear how Kerr was constructing and unraveling the knots of their incarnations over centuries, building them to a place where resolution could occur.

This four novel sequence is not that sort of a story, which it absolutely does not have to be, but is a little jarring coming into this sequence because everything feels looser. Rhodry and Jill are geographically and emotionally separated, so that relationship is no longer at the heart of the narrative.

But, this is Rhodry, one of our primary viewpoint characters not just of this four book sequence but of the full eight books published thus far. He has frequently been portrayed as being somewhat absurd in his views, especially when contrasted directly with Jill, but this is still something that grates.

What a silly tale that is!

Friends of a feather stick together

But, it does serve as a momentous shift to a series thus far fairly well grounded to standard human conflict and limited magical threats. Where there is one dragon suggests there will be more. As an absolute side note and apropos of nothing, I first tried to read Days of Air and Darkness when I was fourteen.

Not only was I not ready for the book then, but I also had no idea it was part of a series and that it was the eighth book in that series or that it was wrapping up a four book cycle inside of a much larger series.

I enjoyed, appreciated, and understood it a lot more this time around. Finally, I would like to note that I have continued to discuss the series in terms of their being fifteen total novels.

As noted following the previous essay, Katharine Kerr has announced a new Deverry novel was in progress. The title is A Talent for Magic, and I have no idea what the publication date might be. As it stands, the fifteen volume Deverry Cycle is complete.Cats Available for Adoption: The top section of this page contains cats under the care of Animal Friends Rescue Project.

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