Math problem solving strategies

On this page we discuss Problem Solving Strategies under three headings. What Are Problem Solving Strategies?

Math problem solving strategies

Math Problem Solving Strategies 3 Sep The school year is off to a roaring start, and this is the year that I figure out how to teach problem solving strategies and continue making students show their problem solving strategies.

Problem solving strategies are pivotal to word problems. In word problems, there are so many words that need decoding, extra information, and opportunities for students to solve for something that the question is not asking for. Math Problem Solving Strategies C.

S stands for circle the important numbers, underline the question, box the words that are keywords, eliminate extra information, and solve by showing work. Why I like it: None of the steps emphasize reading the problem but maybe that is a given. S stands for read the problem, underline the question, name the problem type, and write a strategy sentence.

Students are forced to think about what type of problem it is factoring, division, etc and then come up with a plan to solve it using a strategy sentence. This is a great strategy to teach when you are tackling various types of problems. Though I love the opportunity for students to write in math, writing a strategy statement for every problem can eat up a lot of time.

Check stands for understand, plan, solve, and check. I love that there is a check step in this strategy. This will help students find the important information. I Need to Know: This will force students to reread the question and write down what they are trying to solve for.

I have rolled this out to students, and it went decently. When I provided the boxes seen below for them to fill out, I received no heavy sighs that I was forcing them to show their work. Students who plan succeed at a higher rate than students who do not plan.

Do you have a go to problem solving strategies that you teach your students? Any ideas on what I should name my new strategy?Welcome to Challenge Math Online. Challenge Math is designed to hone young students' mathematical problem-solving skills and logical reasoning skills..

Challenge Math gives out challenging word problem assignments weekly. Problems are non-routine problem-solving questions that are adapted to many math competitions, including the Noetic Learning Math Contest.

Define your problem-solving strategy or strategies. This might mean identifying patterns, using known formulas, using sketches, and even guessing and checking. If your strategy doesn't work, it may lead you to an ah-ha moment and to a strategy that does work.

However, in the same ways that we teach strategies for other areas of maths, we can also teach strategies to solve maths problems. When solving maths problems, students should be encouraged to follow a general problem solving procedure.

() At last, here`s the problem-solving approach to math you`ve been looking for.

Math Problem Solving Strategies

As Bob and Char walk you through this process, adapted from the much-acclaimed Singapore system, you`ll learn how to apply the same 8 steps to everything from simple addition to rates, ratios, and percentages. MATH Strategies Supporting Students with ASD Sue Baker Autism Services Consultant Iowa Dept.

of Ed./University of Iowa CHSC January 30, and Feb. 1, Research-Based Strategies for Problem-Solving in Mathematics K Classroom Cognitive and Meta-Cognitive Strategies for Teachers.

This is one of the many publications available through the Bureau of Exceptional Math Probelm Solving Processes and Strategies Adopted from, Dr.

Math problem solving strategies


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