Select three of the big five

I get stressed out easily. I get upset easily. I have frequent mood swings. I worry about things.

Select three of the big five

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We look at the biggest draft hits and misses over the past decade. Both teams were using a mix of analytics and traditional scouting to evaluate Wentz, and in the end, the Eagles appear to have been right.

Unqualified evaluators can use pseudo-psychology to talk themselves into anything. Statistics and tape aren't enough to scout players, as teams rightfully want to know a quarterback might fit in their locker room and how he'll command a huddle. Organizations have to do their due diligence.

The problem, though, is that they often take a leap past those evaluations and adopt rules or administer tests that can't realistically prove anything. The Giants were famous for administering a page psychological exam to potential drafteesat which Deion Sanders summarily laughed and walked away.

This year, one NFL organization asked LSU running back Derrick Guice if he was gaymarking at least the third time in recent memory a team has reportedly asked a player this irrelevant and possibly illegal question.

Another asked wide receiver prospect Braxton Berrios to explain both ISIS and Bitcoin to them ; given the age of NFL executives, you might expect they were looking for a primer on the latter. You can infer just about whatever you want, positive or negative, from asking Berrios those questions.

Another popular theory is the marriage test, as espoused by Texans owner Bob McNair when Houston drafted David Carr as opposed to Joey Harrington with the opening pick of the draft.

He's already settled down. He can handle success. Plenty of quarterbacks weren't married at the time they were drafted. Aaron Rodgers remains unmarried. Troy Aikman didn't get married until his final year in the NFL.

Teams aren't much smarter about this stuff now. It might not be the single determining factor in deciding who a team selects, but there is plenty of useless information being strewn around this year. Hue Jackson is impressed that Baker Mayfield got his teammates to chant "Hee hee.

Two years ago, the Jets were impressed that Christian Hackenberg could make easy conversation about the Masters at a local bar.

Second-round pick Christian Hackenberg hasn't thrown a regular-season pass in two seasons in the NFL. I wrote about the "it" factor fallacy back innoting how quarterbacks like Mark Sanchez and Vince Young had been pegged with the moniker early in their careers, only for "it" to disappear when they were exposed.

Everyone from Jimmy Clausen to Tim Tebow has been regarded as someone with the "it" factor at one point or another during their careers, but "it" hasn't been remotely predicative of pro success.

Two of the quarterbacks who we would say most clearly have "it" are Brady and Russell Wilsonwho fell past the first two rounds of the draft when everyone who swears they can spot "it" should have seen "it" from a mile away.

Intangibles clearly exist, but we're not very good at identifying who possesses "it" until well after the fact. Underclassmen quarterbacks get to decide when we stop seeing them, which is often at a high point.3 star; Italian $$ Williamsburg; Next to the dining room is a separate, glassed-in workshop where the temperature and humidity are kept at consistent dough-friendly levels and where the 10 or so.

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Select three of the big five

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Select three of the big five

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The Big 5 Model of Personality