The dark side of the internet cybercrime

Sitemap Real Cases One of the highest profiled banking computer crime occurred during a course of three years beginning in A hacking group called the MOD Masters of Deceptionallegedly stole passwords and technical data from Pacific Bell, Nynex, and other telephone companies as well as several big credit agencies and two major universities. Between and the Newscorp satellite pay to view encrypted SKY-TV service was hacked several times during an on-going technological arms race between a pan-European hacking group and Newscorp.

The dark side of the internet cybercrime

If you don't know anything about it, or just a few things, it will give you some starting points which you can use to then find out more. If you already know what there is to know, probably the book won't be useful, though.

Divided in two parts, "Cybercrime" and "The Dark Net", it introduces some of the basic ideas and concepts. What's the Deep Web and what can you find it it. Who's more likely to use the Tor browser and other tools to remain anonymous not only criminals and terrorists: Interestingly, crime appears to be the least spread activity, and a lot of people who use the 'Dark Web' do so for reasons that do not go against the law.

All in all, it's a good reminder that a tool is never as good or as evil as the hand who wields it. The book also provides examples of some of the most well-known leaks, uses of virus or worms, and DDoS attacks. Nothing new to me, but something that will be useful to neophytes, without drowning them under a deluge of information—and not as biased as one may have expected: Of course, keep in mind that what's in the book is only the tip of the iceberg: I'm not rating it higher because in the end, it didn't bring me a lot of information I didn't already know.

But I don't doubt it will be more interesting for other readers.

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What about Bitcoin and Blockchain? Do you know what a DDoS attack is? Sure, in this technological era, we have all heard someone mentioning one of this things.

The dark side of the internet cybercrime

But how many of us can say that they truly understand how it works? Well, for those of you who are interested in the subject but don't really know where to begin this is the perfect book.

If you are like me, who at the mention of "escrow" thinks "what animal is that? It also has a lot of examples and famous cases like Snowden and Manning. I highly recommend this book for everyone who wants to know a bit more about the internet, as it explains the inner workings of the Deep Web and the Dark Net with a few instructions thrown in for good measure.

I finally understand a little bit more about the dark net and what happens there. I would really love to take a tour, but it seems pretty dangerous.

Libro molto interessante che mette anche paura.Cyber Crime: The Dark Side of the Internet CERDAS 1 Life is full of good and evil just like Internet does.

It does a lot of good for us, but it also has. The breach of Google’s security and the aforementioned year-long investigation into the dark side of the Internet show just how vulnerable society is to cyberattacks. Every time a computer connects to a network and communicates with other computers, the user is taking a risk.

He completed his doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology in from Adler University in Chicago, Illinois.

In November , Dr. Nuccitelli and his colleagues established iPredator Inc. offering educational, investigation and advisory services related to cyberstalking, cyberbullying, internet predators, cybercrime & the darkside of Location: New York.

The Dark Side of the Internet Essay - As the internet has evolved, it is now a part of most people’s daily lives and with that, the populate could not function or conduct their daily business or activities without it. Jul 08,  · The Hazards Of Probing The Internet's Dark Side: All Tech Considered Brian Krebs, who broke the Target security breach story last year, says cybercriminals are "some very bad people." He .

The Dark Side of the Internet: Cybercrime. Annette Hübschle, Senior Researcher, Organised Crime and Money Laundering, ISS Cape Town Office By the end of , an estimated 1,97 billion people around the world were using the Internet. Of these, about million were in Africa.

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