The history of wire communications and the radio

By Logan Wyman, law psu. It has enabled information to be transferred far and wide, not only nationally wide but internationally as well. His work laid the foundation for those later scientists who worked to perfect the radio we now use. The man most associated with the advent of the radio is Guglielmo Marconi, who in was awarded the official patent for the radio by the British Government.

The history of wire communications and the radio

History of Communication from Cave Drawings to the Web All animal species have perfected a system of communication, but humans are the only species capable of spoken language.

The pre-electromagnetic past

Effective communication is essential for a variety of reasons. It serves to inform, motivate, establish authority and control, and allows for emotive expression. For humans in particular, communication is also vital for creating a sense of social cohesion.

Just as mankind has evolved over the centuries, our means of communication have followed suit. What began as primitive cave paintings and signed language has morphed into an endless variety of ways to express oneself to other humans.

Early Communication Methods Communication has existed in various forms since man appeared on Earth. The methods, however, consisted of a disorganized set of signs that could have different meanings to each human using them.

E, that communication began to take on an intentional, manufactured format. The most well-known form of primitive communication is cave paintings. The artistic endeavors were created by a species of man that appeared aroundB. The method involved creating pigments made from the juice of fruits and berries, colored minerals, or animal blood.

These pigments were then used to create depictions of primitive life on the cave walls. The purpose of the paintings has been questioned by scholars for years, but the most popular theory states that the depictions were used as a manual for instructing others what animals were safe to eat.

Other forms of early communication existed, although they were less popular for a variety of reasons.

The history of wire communications and the radio

Story telling was used to pass on important information in the days before the existence of the written word. Drums and smoke signals were also used by primitive man, but were not the most practical means of communicating.

Both methods could attract unwanted attention from enemy tribes and predatory animals.

History of Communication from Cave Drawings to the Web

These methods were also difficult to standardize. How Languages Came to Be: A discussion of the advent of human language, and the various ways in which it evolved over the years.

The history of wire communications and the radio

A website describing early forms of cave painting and theories on why they came to exist. Most handwritten manuscripts were written on vellum as paper was not widely available.

The majority of books and documents written were of a religious nature. This was due to the fact that writing a religious piece was viewed as a form of worship, and also that most books were written by monks in monasteries. Literacy rates were incredibly low during the time of handwritten books, and few citizens had time for pleasure reading.

Only the monks and the very wealthy were given the opportunity to become literate.

Communications Act of , U.S. federal law that provided the foundation for contemporary U.S. telecommunications policy. The Communication Act of established the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), an independent U.S. agency responsible for the regulation of interstate and foreign communications by radio, television, wire. WYNG [Evansville IN] Now: Eric says (4/08), "I'm traveling the country, working as a commercial artist with several large home builders; I'm also looking for another opportunity to continue my radio career.". In any case, it all started with the discovery of radio waves—electromagnetic waves that have the capacity to transmit music, speech, pictures, and other data invisibly through the air. Many devices work by using electromagnetic waves, including radios, microwaves, cordless phones, remote controlled toys, televisions, and more.

Two important periods stand out when one is investigating early books. For the first time, secular books were produced for the sake of spreading knowledge not relating to religion. The catalyst for this change was the rise of universities in Italy, and the return of the crusaders from Byzantium.

The Renaissance had begun. Important Periods in the History of Books: A description of the periods in history that had a direct impact on the evolution of books. A website with important handwritten book information. This method, combined with the use of paper, ink and a printing press allowed for books to be mass-produced, and greatly reduced the price.

Gutenberg made his first device by adapting a wine press to remove the water from paper after printing. When this was a success, he embarked on his most famous printing project- the printing of the Gutenberg bibles.

His were the first bibles printed in Europe. An authority of biographical information about Johann Gutenberg. Technical, engineering information about the first printing press.

However, it was an inefficient means of communicating as one had to wait until another person was traveling before their letter could be sent.Acknowledgements. As the site approaches its twentieth anniversary, I continue to extend special thanks to Bill Glover, who has been contributing time and material to the project for much of that time, and to Stewart Ash, a cable consultant who is involved in both modern technology and historical research, for his many contributions.


The American Radio Relay League (ARRL) is the national association for amateur radio, connecting hams around the U.S.

with news, information and resources. Dec 02,  · Watch video · As shipping companies realized the radio telegraph’s usefulness for passenger communication, navigation reports and distress signals, Marconi Company radios—operated by trained cadres of.

The simplest radio has a single circuit board housed in a plastic case. The most complex radio has many circuit boards or modules housed in aluminum case. ARC - Astra Radio Communications is one of the largest manufacturers of high quality two way radio accessories for Motorola, Kenwood, ICOM, Harris (M/A-COM), Midland, and Vertex two-way radios in U.S..

We have been in two way radio accessories business for many years. ARC designs and manufactures a full line of products specifically for . Military communication: Military communication, the transmission of information from reconnaissance and other units in contact with the enemy and the means for exercising command by the transmission of orders and instructions of commanders to their subordinates.

As such, it comprises all means of transmitting messages.

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