The reasons why i dont like the jerry springer show

The answer was short and simple, yet the explanation slightly longer.

The reasons why i dont like the jerry springer show

Email Copy Link Copied Maury has been on the air sincean incredible story of longevity in the broadcasting world these days. It succeeds because it gives the audience exactly what they — seemingly — want: Once upon a time, before the s, TV talk shows focused on a celebrity format or had something like a magazine format that discussed topics designed largely for its audience of middle-income housewives back in the day.

Maury Povichonce a real journalist, like Jerry Springer coincidentally, took the latter route. He claims the show approached him on Facebook, asking that he add their page. A young man claiming to be his son wanted an on-screen DNA test on the show. Then, a sibling of the alleged son filed a claim of sexual harassment against the same man.

She described watching pornography, and, in general, a randy backstage scene of booze and sex. After the story hit the media, it made its way through the courts, which decided that the matter was a contractual dispute that should be submitted to arbitration rather than go through a trial. Take away the fact the guy was in prison, and his distress becomes a little more understandable.

The combustible situations that it talks about, however, can and have resulted in violence that occurs because of the show. Put people together in highly-charged situations and stoke the fires — what could go wrong? Ina couple by the names of John Coley and Shantae McGhee-Brown were staying at a hotel in Connecticut waiting to appear on the show the next day.

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A fight ensued, the police were called, and the pair were arrested before they could even get on the show. The show has been critiqued many times over for the fact that it seems to focus largely on black women and paternity claims, upholding a longstanding and hurtful stereotype about black families.

Said dude s come on the show, and the audience lives the drama of the results of a DNA paternity test being announced. And all of this happens with the kids on the scene.

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The only problem was, all three declined to be on the show. She says she told the producers, but they told her to just come up with anyone. Her parents backed up the allegations that her appearance had been scripted.

And there's definitely no audience watching and laughing at the traumatic experience.Dec 08,  · ”The people are first, and the pundits come later,” says host Jerry Springer. ”Our industry will always follow regular people. That’s why talk shows are ahead of the curve.”.

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Various artist CD's (also known as compilations) provide you with a mix of artists on one CD. Many times an artist or group has only produced a few tracks - not enough material for a complete CD. Watch video · The Jerry Springer Show has been bringing its unique brand of trainwreck TV to sets across the culture for 26 seasons now, cementing its place in history as one of daytime’s biggest success stories.

When the "Jerry Springer Show" first aired, it was like other talk shows of the time. There wasn't anything weird or violent about the show. The topics appealed to a young audience, but on the most part it was an entertaining talk show. Jun 24,  · anyone who watches that show realize there are no asians in that show?

The reasons why i dont like the jerry springer show

im sure there have been asians lining up to get on that show but why dont u see any of them?

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